Thursday, 15 July 2010

Joan's lovely red, black and white dresden plates with an all over pattern quilted in red thread.

Ed Note: You can find this pattern in the Australian Quilters Companion magazine issue QC#36 "Red and Black and White All Over"

The pattern really looked great without taking over the piecing.

The beautiful back.   Now Joan is partial to using sheeting for her backs - they wash easily and you use them on beds!   A note here though ... if you are going to use sheeting - try to make sure it is 100% cotton.   When the fabric is a blend, it can make quilting difficult and you might end up with pokies and bigger needle holes - these generally disappear with a good wash though.    I don't mind quilting them - but do make sure the customer knows that it may not be as good as when using 100% cotton quilting fabric.    Minki and flannel are also good backings.

Another of Joan's quilts ... this one was an op shop find - I wonder what the story was and why this quilt top ended up in the op shop for sale for $1.00 - yep that's right $1.00. Amazing.  But it has now been quilted and Joan loves it like her own.

We put a big overall pattern on this one.  You can't see it on the front very well - but the back looks great too.

And now for a little kitty love ... Merlin has a fettish for laundry baskets ... he will sit in it for ages and ages just watching the world go by or until Jet gets in with him.

Happy Quilting for now .... Jane x

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