Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Some Eye Candy

I have been playing with depth, shadow and background quilting .... you will remember this from my last post ... it has progressed to a nice wall hanging - my Mum has her eye on it I know!

You will have to excuse my photography skills as I am not very proficient ... but you get the idea I'm sure.

On Saturday our Tasmanian Quilting Guild had it's AGM ... I showed this at the meeting and got a lot of great responses so thought I would show you on this blog too!

A close up of the background filling quilting ... see those berries and leaves .... they are one of my Zentangle patterns that I use in my drawing too.

The quilted leaves add further dimension to the picture.

The back ... a lot of people thought this was the front as it was the first part they saw ... it does look pretty nice too!

A bit of a close up of the back. 

I used batik for all of this little quilt (apart from the fabric for one leaf) so when I was quilting through the leaves on the front it was quite difficult to go through all those fine layers.  I didn't use any stabiliser for my leaves and I raw edge appliqued them with straight stitching as I knew I would be going over them further.

The holes you  can see from the needle punching through should close up once I wash this quilt ... which I will do because I like the holes to close up and the stitching to settle.   I also like that slightly scrunched look you get when there is a little shrinkage.  Although I have used NuWool 60/40% Wool/Poly blend and you don't usually get any more than 1-2%shrinkage with that if any.

So I hope you enjoy my little quilt and have a Happy Week quilting.   Cheers Jane


Munaiba said...

This is just beautiful Jane, really, really stunning.

Waterfall Manor quilts said...

Well done jano..love it..now your cooking with gas mate putting the zentangles on fabric fantastic..have fun in SA..and the USA..I am starting to turn greener the nearer it gets..if I win lotto I will come just to say gooday..cheers Pat

Quilts on Bastings said...

Hi Jane,
Great quilting! I am looking forward to your Zentangle class at AMQF.

Raylene Smith said...

well done Jane...very nice indeed...not many sleeps now...

Bec said...

Beautiful work Jane!