Thursday, 3 February 2011

Finally Quilting Again

 Many of you may know that I have been unable to quilt for a couple of months now due to mechanical failure with my quilting machine.   Luckily for me, the tech services in the United States provide a good service and are very helpful in determining what the problem may be.  After three sets of parts, I am becoming quite an accomplished electronic installer - although it may really be their good instructions.   However, the machine still could not be fixed so they sent me another machine that has not been in active service.   My DH and I set it up this week and I have been putting it through it's paces.

I pieced this quilt a few years ago and have never gotten around to quilting it -  you know customers come first!   Anyway I put an Edge 2 Edge (Pantograph) pattern on it ... I am very happy indeed with how it turned out.   I even sat watching the news on QLD unfold last night and put the binding on.   One UFO finished.
 A close up of the blocks ... I loved this fabric and am so so happy I made this quilt with it.
 I used strips of every fabric in the quilt to make the binding - I just love the look.
 The beautiful backing from Widebacks - fabulous quality as usual and beautiful to quilt.
 This little baby was quilted quite awhile ago and I hadn't gotten around to putting the binding on ... it is also finished now.  It is only a lap quilt - I think I will put this one in the car for the longer trips - I always get cold when I am a passenger on a long trip.
 That beautiful backing again.    This time I used an all over pattern (pantograph) of Anne Bright's design.
 This is the naughty machine ... all packed up ready to be sent back to the USA ... I hope they can whip it into working order again ... sniff sniff I will miss my little Millie.   At least I have a new Millie that works well.  

I have been doing some custom quilted blocks to test it out some more ... but white on white doesn't photograph very well ... I'll see what I can do when I have finished them. 

So next week I am back quilting customer quilts ... I have  a few to catch up on but am taking orders.

Happy Quilting for now ... Jane x


Leeanne said...

I'm glad you have a back up machine, the whole ordeal must have been frustrating.
Nice for you to get some of your own quilts quilted! I know how it is, we must do our customers quilts first and are most delighted to do so, but it is nice to finish some of our own too.

Robyn G. said...

Good on you glad you have a resolution for now.
Your quilt and your quilting is stunning. Lovely xx
Wishing you and new Millie well :-)

Raylene Smith said...

Love your quilt Jane....mmm..might have to make that a bundle of those fabrics, yummy...of course you have to try the new machine out on your quilt first...gotta make sure it's working well before the customer quilts get good to see ya back on track finally...dont go busting ya gut to catch wont get thanked for it anyway...look after number

Jane Monk said...

Awwe shucks you guys ... it is a beautiful quilt - I told my husband this one is not going anywhere, I'm keeping it myself.

Angelica said...

Wow! Your quilt is amazing Jane. Love the fabric colors. You did an amazing job on it. I feel inspired by your quilt. What pattern is the quilt and what are the beautiful fabrics used?