Monday, 9 May 2011

Some Quilting & Mothers Day

 I have been quilting .... this is a customer quilt that I cannot show the whole quilt.   I thought you might like to see the border pattern that I used ... very effective.
 And a little bit of the centre blocks
 Isn't it pretty!

I had to change thread colour a heap of times with this quilt ... sometimes it just works out better that way!
 This quilt was so big that it almost didn't fit on my machine  - well not quite - but it was pretty long.   Isn't it absolutely devine ... love those Reproduction fabrics and this lady does beautifully precise work.

I have stitched in the ditch of all the blocks and around the border.  I have basted the border as my customer wants to hand quilt the border panel.  This will look quite good I think as everything else is only stitched in the ditch - but what a huge job that was!
 I spent Mother's Day binding this quilt for a neighbour who has been ill.   She made the quilt last year but hasn't been able to get the binding done ... I thought it was the least I could do to help her along and let her enjoy her beautiful quilt.  Do you do things like that sometimes?  It gives me a lot of joy to be able to help when it is least exected!

And ... it snowed on Mother's Day.    Beautiful snow, it didn't settle for very long though.

I spent the weekend up in the Central Highlands of Tasmania where the temperatures were between below zero to about 5 degrees Celcius over the weekend.   Temperature guage watching is a fabulous sport - you should try it some time - lol!  My medications were increased and some changed last week after a visit to the specialist ... so a weekend of being lazy was definately called for - I couldn't have done anything more and my Dear Husband James made sure the place was kept warm and comfortable!

 This was the last week of the Trout season ... he took his fly rod for a little walk and came back with dinner.
And this was yesterday ... cutting kindling - for something to do.   I think he likes his shed!

Okay ... this week I am quilting another Candlewick Quilt for a customer up in Queensland ... it is beautiful, on a  very soft creamy background.  The order is for my feathers ... so I am going to have a wonderful week working on this.   I hope you all have a lovely quilty week too!  Jane x


Melinda said...

Jane - your quilting is spectacular. How nice of you to bind the quilt for your friend. It makes you feel good doesn't it.

Leeanne said...

Love what you did with red, black and cream quilt, nice pattern and texture.
Oh, the repo quilt is stunning, it is a big job to do all that ditch stitching.
Yes I have done bindings before as a suprise for someone, it is neat to see the suprise on their faces.