Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Velvet, RB&W and a Candlewick Quilt - not all together

 This quilt was made by Judy - she doesn't quilt - it is an absolutely fantastic effort.  I like it as it reminds me of tartan for some reason.
 She picked an edge to edge pattern called "Popcorn" which looks like clouds and a dark blue thread.
 The back was stunning - Judy had chosen a dark blue velvet.  I was hesitant to quilt it and said I would try.   After the first little bit I could see it was going to look great.  It loved the stitching.   It was pretty yucky to put on the quilt machine and I had a few headaches....but it was worth it.
 A little Red Black and White quilt from Sally ... who doesn't love RB&W quilts?
 I used a red thread on both the front and back ... look at that back ....yummy.
 And a Candlewick quilt which has now winged it's way back to Queensland.    I had carte blanche to quilt this, as long as I used my feathers.   I chose to do each block with the same four feathers, fitting into the candlewick pattern.  I have also stitched around the candlewick to give definition and make it pop.   The lace was also quilted down.

 One very happy owner = one happy quilter!
 Some obligatory cat photos - Jet snoozing on my Thousand Pyramid Quilt that I call the "Red Herring".  I quilted it with an edge to edge pattern of fish with a varigated thread and changed the colour out for three of the fish to make them red - hence "Red Herring".

I know, I know - a bit mad!  Jet likes it though.
And Merlin found another spot to sleep - a Queen sized bed was not big enough for two of them!

This week I have on the quilting machine a lovely stitchery quilt ... I am able to give my undivided attention to ...loving it!

Happy quilting for now .... Jane x


Raylene Smith said...

I see you've been busy Jane...Verrrry nice...especially the candlewick quilt...lovely work...

Rebecca said...

Love the candlewick quilt .... love how you quilted it. I've not seen a candlewick pattern or quilt in ages. That would be a nice must have!
Love the kitty names Jet & Merlin... I'm a cat lover too!!

handmade said...

Nice blog