Sunday, 4 January 2009

Dear Jane is on again & a bit more Double Delight

One of my New Year Resolutions was that I would finish my Dear Jane quilt this year - hopefully before September when our local Quilt Group - Launceston Patchwork Quilters - is having their exhibition (between 10th and 12th September). I would love to have it ready for exhibition then.

So here is this weeks TOW (Triangle of the Week) and BOW (Block of the Week). The block looks pretty horrible and I think I will go back and piece it properly next week sometime (instead of reverse applique).

My quilt is called "Jane's Dear Jane" and my numbers are now:
58 blocks, 10 triangles, 4 corner kites and a total of 1316 pieces - so about one third the way through.

And more of Bonnie Hunter's Double Delight Mystery Quilt - I have finished Part 4 - well done one block and then decided I needed to vacuume and tidy up my quilt studio ready for work tomorrow. Back to customer quilts tomorrow - yay!!
Here is my block - I do love it .... and below are all the little blocks waiting in line to get done - perhaps one or two every break from the quilting machine.... who knows I might have this part finished by the end of the week.

Happy Quilting for now.... Jane

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Bernadette said...

Jane you are such a wizz!! I have only cut out the first step and the brown for step 2. Of course I peeked at step 4 and have decided not to do anymore as I am thinking of swapping the pinks for the cheddars, I will wait and see where the rest of the pink goes! LOL I am not far behind you blockwise now, I am 56 but a few triangles behind.