Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Oh No More Crochet

Life at my house in the evening is now filled with wonderful colour  - yarn, 100% wool Marta's Yarn - it is beautiful.   I have been making these lovely 4 inch hexagons so I can make a nice crochet rug - colour graduation will be very subtle - I hope it will look nice when I have finally finished this - not that I really needed another project.

This is my yarn - yummy colours

This is project underway ... it is so nice working with these lovely yarns - they feel wonderful and the colours are so vibrant.

And for something a little different - Crochet slippers - felted.    They are drying here near the fire - once dry I will sew on the little tabs and put some buttons on - I might make my own buttons seeing as I have some of those buttons you can cover yourself - see how I go.   Oh these are really cute ... I will have to make some more - what great presents they would make.

And I have been quilting ... slaving away at the long arm machine ... long hours trying to get some quilts finished and out of here back to their homes.

I will be out of action on my blog for a week or so because of that (quilting) and hopefully I will have some lovely pics to show you soon.    Happy quilting for now ... Jane x


Frances Leate said...

What beautiful colours and when did we really need an excuse to start a new project. When colour speaks to us we must obey.

Sweet P said...

You can show all the crochet and yarn you like. I love the bag of yarn you have. It is so yummy.