Tuesday, 15 June 2010

My felted crochet slippers are finished - I crocheted a little rose to go on instead of a button.

There is only one problem - they felted down too small for me ... I will have to gift them to my sister who has little feet - do you think she will like them?

The hexi rug is coming along - have to make about the same amount again to get a decent sized lap rug.  Love how my colour graduations worked out.

Can we mess it up - hahaha

And on the weekend my husband and I went to market ... DH found this lovely sad lonely Ashford Traditional Spinning Wheel - some bits missing but nothing that can't be replaced - and look how beautiful it has come up with a bath and oiling.... My DH did a wonderful job of cleaning it up - I forgot to take before pictures - so you can't see the grime and paint and rusty bits anymore.

She needs a name - any suggestions?

And this is the bobbin bit - I'm not sure but I think it is a large bobbin - not the normal size.  And it is a single treadle but has a double groove in the wheel - so realy not quite sure ... need to do some research.  A very very very good buy at $35.00 - So I couldn't pass it up ... I've always wanted to try my hand at spinning - wool that is - lol!

Anyway - still madly quilting here ... have got the dreaded flu - so life is a bit hazy.  I will have to stay away from quilt group this week.

It is a real problem when you have an auto-immune disease - apparently you will get everything going because of the lowered immune system.  So I am feeling quite tired - hopefully it won't drag on too long.

And as an aside - I am having a lovely little giveaway over on my other blog - janemonkstudio - to celebrate my birthday month with everyone - so go on over and check it out!   Happy quilting for now ... Jane x


Seams to Sew and Quilt said...

Very pretty. love those colors... enjoyed viewing your blog.

CHRIS said...

Hi there, love your felted slippers the little flower is too cute and the hexie rug is lovely. I also have a spinning wheel that needs some loving care. I havent spun for 20 years but I hope to fit it in somewhere in the future. I got it from my Mums in Devonport recently dont think she ever mastered it.I hope it will be like riding a bike but ...... Regards Chris

Waterfall Manor quilts said...

Hey Jane, I have an ashford spinning wheel with instructions will scan it and email it..hate to tell ya I found spinning very hard, even had my own sheep here when we moved in..they are lovely pieces of furniture..the wheels not the sheep..good luck I will spin and weave(somebody gave me a loom also) someday before my demise..its on the bucket list..love ya blog Jane..well done.Patxx