Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Finally Home

 To those of you who travel a lot - my hat off to you -it takes its toll - 39 hours of flying, waiting, flying etc to get home.  I am happy to have gone away and seen and done the Certified Zentangle Training - it was so well worth the trip, but now I am happy to be home and sleeping in the comfort and familiarity of my own bed and home with my family - I missed my boys (although I'm sure everyone knew I would).

This picture was taken somewhere over the International date line - I missed the 17th of October!

I just loved the movement of the clouds 30,000 feet or so.  Beautiful.

This is the Oakhurst Retreat Centre at Whitinsville MA where I stayed for the week - great hospitality - even a cup of tea (not like I have at home  but near enough! - Thanks Terri and Deacon Ed for looking after us all).

So now I am a Certified Zentangle Teacher ... I take Beginner, Advanced and special Zentangle Inspired Quilting for your Domestic Machine classes.  You can contact me on jane@purrfectlyquilted.com.au if you are interested. 

A great big thankyou to Rick and Maria of Zentangle for their hospitality, teaching and friendship ... it makes Zentangle even more special now that I have been to Whitinsville.  I met so many people (and they all seemed to know me - am I really that loud on my blogs - lol!) they were all friendly and interesting - so many interesting stories ... I have one to share with you later which will make you all smile - certainly gave me a great laugh!

So I am out of action for a couple of days to catch up, recouperate and generally get myself together and refamiliarise myself with my family (mmm does that sound like I have to do some washing, cooking, cleaning and gerally get those two boys of mine sorted out - one 17 and one 50 - oh and the two boy kitties to hug and play with lol!) ...  talk to you all soon.

Happy quilting for now ... Jane x

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Anonymous said...

Glad you had a great time and yes traveling overseas is very hard on the body, we have been going to Europe nearly every year or second year for the last 25 years.

Take care rest up