Saturday, 9 October 2010

I will be away for a little while

This is the quilt I have finished off this week ... I do like curved cross-hatching and can now do it a whole lot better after taking a class with Raylene Smith at the AMQF last week.  Thanks Ray!
There are still some chalk marks in the pic ... just ignore them.   Anyway customer very very happy with the result.

I will be away for a couple of weeks from blogland as I am heading off to the USA to do the Certified Zentangle Teacher accreditation course with Rick and Maria of Zentangle ... very very exciting as I will be the first Tasmanian/Australian to attend.    So I will catch you all soon.

Happy quilting for now ... Jane x


Raylene Smith said...

holy moly Jane...I'll send ya my quilts, lol...looks lovely...take a bow girl...Kinda good feeling knowing at least one person got something outta my class...well done..I hope you enjoy your trip and have a fantabulous time...

Blogless me said...

Love the quilting!