Friday, 23 April 2010

A New Project in the Pipeline

Some time ago I decided I wanted to make a Wedding Ring Quilt - but not traditional colours - I wanted to use taupes.   But....I have also recently decided that I shouldn't buy any more fabric if I can use something I already have in my considerable stash.

Last year I got these yummy fat quarters from the Sturbridge Village Harvest by Judie Rothermel Range.  I really love the colours.   I just happened to have enough fat quarters (24) to make a bed sized wedding ring quilt.  All I need now is 4.5metres of background fabric - and I have this lovely dark creamy fabric with little flowers - the alternative is to use cream quilters muslin.   I'll have to think about it for awhile before cutting the background fabric.
This is my little project box with all the pieces cut out and ready to go.   I will be machine piecing this project.  A good retreat project I think.

And this is the pattern I will be using.  I like the way these rings are really round, not squashed like some patterns are.

Wish me luck ...  I think I will make this quilt for my darling husband ... I have never made him a quilt before, and I'm sure he will like the colours.

Happy Quilting for now ... Jane x

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

A Bit of This and a Bit of That

We have been away to the beach for Easter and the school holiday.   After the past couple of months that we have had, the break away from the norm has been a godsend.   There is something very soothing about sitting watching the sea, fishing, being lazy and not having to think about anything other than what to make for dinner.  James caught fish, so we had about five beautiful meals of salmon freshly caught.

While away, I decided only to take my drawing things, (I know, I know - it is terrible not to take some hand sewing ... but drawing has been calling me back for awhile)  I have been sitting on the beach or in the caravan drawing my little black and white tangles.  I have started a new blog just for my artwork and it will have pretty much anything I do relating to my drawing.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. 

Another little taste of my 3x3's.

This is the life hey!  James fishing - or just feeding the crabs his bait - lol!

After a few years of not catching any fish when we went away, we finally hit the jackpot and caught quite a few feeds of fish - very nice indeed.
Our  caravan is parked just where I am taking the photo from  -  a very beautiful free camp spot - but probably not for very much longer as it is getting busier and busier with campervans and campers. Although there was none near us for at least half a km.

Or perhaps just nosing around outside - as far as the harness will let me go!  Jet just loves nosing around.

Okay - I'm tangled up - now what?
Merlin cries when he gets a little bit tangled or thinks he is tangled because he has worked out that we come over to him and sort it out - clever boy.

It's just too much - Jet says - leave me alone!

It's been a very busy day for two little cats camping.

And Shadow is glad to be home again ... she can get away from the two little rascles Merlin and Jet.

I am back quilting tomorrow - working on those beautiful quilts and catching up with phone messages.   Hope you are all having lots of quilt time.


Monday, 12 April 2010


Dragonfly Maiden by Cindy Watkins - DeepPeace Studio

This lovely quilt was blatantly stolen from the St Helen's Quilt Show in Tasmania on the 7th Aril 2010.   If you see it please contact Cindy at 

This is a terrible loss of a beautiful quilt that toured Australia last year in the AP&Q challenge.  I can't believe that I was only looking at it on the 3rd of April