Other Stuff

 This is Polworth - from The Thylacine.

My first attempt at spinning wool.  I am pretty happy with it and am going to ply it together.
 This is Optim from The Thylacine also ... it feels beautiful (Merlin likes it too).   I spun this last night.

 On Thursday I had a go at spinning some raw Merino wool ... it felt beautiful and fine.  This is a single strand that I spun ... quite happy with how fine I can get it ... Icould use this in my crochet lace no problems.
This is the same spun single plied together.

I am enjoying the change of pace that spinning brings.   You have to have something you do for yourself craft wise.

Happy Spinning for now ... Jane x

 All skeined up .   with a little white wool at one end.
Dirty, Clean and Flick carded ready to spin

then I tried to spin it fine  ... these are examples of my thread plyed together  .... I am going to have fun trying to get better at this!