Sunday, 29 April 2007

Setting Up "Penny"

Okay - this is the frame put together - started at 2.10pm Sunday afternoon.

Mounting "Penny" onto the table!

Finally finished - powered up at 4.45pm. James thinks he has another girl to dance with now - we'll make a quilter out of him yet!

The whole process of setting up went very smoothly - now I just have to learn how to load a quilt and off I will be going like a shot - can't wait.

Quilt Studio - Finishing Up

Wall building still in progress......

Outside hardiplank cladding finished - been a long morning... but still going!

Carpet has been laid out and cut roughly - waiting for it to settle before fixing to the floor area and trimming.

Now we just have to finish the inside lining and sealing up the top areas...such a great job in such a short time frame - less than two days work.

She's Arrived!

My APQS Millennium arrives home - boxes a little worse for wear!! but then again they have come from America to Melbourne, Melbourne to Launceston - the last part of the trip probably being the longest and the worst!!

Monday, 23 April 2007

Work in Progress - Quilt Studio

Well, the first window (the small one) went in today, then the second (a big one)! Two doors and a further full length window to go.

This is really exciting - James has been very busy all afternoon and I have been the carpenter's lacky when needed.

The space is coming alive and I can't wait until it is finished and I have flooring down. With my APQS due any day ... I am beside myself with excitement - hence being up at 2am and can't sleep! Anyway James has gone to work now at 3.30am so I am just fiddling on the computer - looking at thread, batting, pricing etc.

Next post should be ..."It's here"..... Cheers for now - off to work in an hour or so! Jane x

Sunday, 22 April 2007

Item Shipped!

Well, I haven't posted for a few days now - been waiting for my shipped on I am expecting it to be sailing across the Tasman early next week and should be here sometime soon. I am at the OMG stage where I cannot wait to get it but then I think - what am I doing!

I have been reading books and watching DVD's on machine quilting - Karen McTavish, Lee Cleeland (her feathers book is fantastic and I have been practicing these for a few months now - on paper, Lee's book The Quilting Makes The Quilt, which I received last week, is great!). Also Carol Thelen's books on long arming; Tempting Templates - Swags by Tracey Browning (thanks Tracey - this is very interesting as I hadn't given much thought to Swags - but they are nice!) also Floribunda by Nichole Webb and many more books (did I say I loved books!).

What these books have taught me is that "you can do anything you like" and to practice, have patience and utilise perseverance! I have also been doing a lot of visual learning from looking at different ways quilts are quilted - both in magazines and online - infinite options!!

There are just so many different things a person can do.....and so little time.

Anyway - hopefully my next post will be - It's Arrived!!!!

Cheers for now

Monday, 16 April 2007

Purrfectly Quilted - Birthday

Purrfectly Quilted was born officially on the 11 April 2007. This is the date my business was registered. I am amazed at the speed things have happened - from decision to do something - to getting organised and setting up this enterprise. I have been busy sewing quilts and making arrangements ... I keep posted on the building and machine delivery etc.


My Pics

This is me... I thought I would post a picture of me that my son took last Friday.

and ....this is a photo of my soon to be quilting space = you can see it is currently a mess with stuff everywhere - and normally not looking like this. My Dear James starts enclosing the space this week as we have now purchased all the required windows/sliding doors.

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Jane's Dear Jane Started 10.04.07

This afternoon I started my Dear Jane Quilt. I have been playing around with the Dear Jane software for some time and finally came up with the following arrangement/placement for my colours. I have six different blues that I will be using on a white background. I am not yet sure if I will do the plain tri's blue or white (probably white).
This is my first Dear Jane Block - Jane's Tears. I am not 100% happy with the applique as you can see some pointy bits that should be curved ....but as Brenda says ..."better finished than perfect". So unless I feel like redoing it at sometime before I put it all together, it will stay like this for now. 3.45pm finished. I have also got Bachelor Buttons ready to stitch. So 2 blocks in one day .... I may have to join the block of the week on the Dear Jane List...!

Quilt Tops Made

Last night I was playing around with EQ6 and made a red and white strippy quilt. I have always wanted a strippy quilt and had some fabric which would look good. This morning I cut and pieced this large single bed sized top in under one and a half hours. When I get my APQS LongArm I will be able to practice quilting cables or even feathers on it - can't wait.

This is a quilt top I put together on Saturday morning - lap size simple four patch - the sister in law of a lovely lady I work with has cancer - she has two young children. I decided to make a quilt for her to take to chemo and radiation therapy (interesting thing is that my sister works as a radiation therapist there). Anyway - I thought her family could sign some hearts for the back of the quilt. Also good for me to practice my long arm skills on soon. This is a close up of the quilt top..... I love the heart fabric - got it on line through The Craft Mailbox (they are very helpful girls there).

This next top is one I finished piecing on Friday night - I made it for the husband of a neighbour / quilt buddy, who has recently had a stroke - I hope to have it finished very soon but want to quilt it on my long arm.....(I had better get really good on the long arm in a very short space of time! lol). I deleted the picture I had of the full top (but it is the same pattern as the pink one) - so here is a close up that I didn't delete!

Now I have to get back to EQ6 to draw some more - or I could go play with my Dear Jane software ..... oh the choices *grin* ....... and it is off to work again tomorrow so I had better make the most of being at home. Cheers for now.

Monday, 9 April 2007

Librarians et al

I loved this little blogthing - you can make your own catalogue card - I used to be a librarian in a past life - actually started doing a degree in Library Science but changed to Psychology (silly move!)

Thursday, 5 April 2007

Easter Bunnies

Well - what a week that was. I am soooo glad the working week is over until Wednesday next week. Had some lovely customers this week at work *grin* and now for five days of bliss (well assignments for Uni) and quilting of course. One of the ladies from my quilt group's husband has had a stroke and I am putting together a nice four patch alternating with 4.5inch squares with wide border to make a lap quilt - hopefully ready by the time he gets home - I would like to quilt it on my longarm rather than my domestic machine. Speaking of which Sue has told me my Milli is getting ready for despatch and delivery and I am all set to make the payment - OMG!:)

The Easter bunny is here on Sunday and I can't wait - easter egg hunts and all that. I think I have more fun "planting" them than anyone else does in finding them! My boss's daughter has assured me today that "while she hasn't seen all of him, the easter bunny has long white ears" - I should keep an eye out for him.

Happy Easter to all bloggers and visitors to my site!

Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Self Portrait

I am a member of the SCQuilters on line and while I am not attending the retreat in Bendigo, I did make a Self-portrait to go in my place for the challenge. These are pictures of me when I was almost one, and eight. Snake Bay is a place on Melville Island which is just above Darwin, Australia. We used to live there for quite a few years and I have good memories of the people, beaches, fun and freedom we had as children.


Monday, 2 April 2007

Starting My Business

Well, today was a big day for me. I registered my business name Purrfectly Quilted. I lodged my permit application with my local council. My husband and I measured up my soon to be quilt room as I need to get vinyl to lay down 3m x 11m - quite a big area, but I'm sure it will seem small soon enough when I have my APQS Millennium in there.

I am one step closer .... I should be all set up by the end of April ... and that is a fantastic feeling. Things are now on a roll and there is so much to do before my Milli gets here.

This is my work room now....

So...more room would be good.

Cheers for now

Sunday, 1 April 2007

What Flavour Jelly Bean Am I?

You Are a Green Apple Jelly Bean

Of all the flavors, you're the most complex and the most real. A little sweet, a little sour, and totally tangy. People can't describe you, but they love you!

My Babies

This is Jonathan, he hates his picture being taken - can you tell!....this was a while ago now and he is much taller.

This is Shadow Daisy Monk - she is my shadow when I am home ....I think she wants to make dolls as well.