Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Velvet, RB&W and a Candlewick Quilt - not all together

 This quilt was made by Judy - she doesn't quilt - it is an absolutely fantastic effort.  I like it as it reminds me of tartan for some reason.
 She picked an edge to edge pattern called "Popcorn" which looks like clouds and a dark blue thread.
 The back was stunning - Judy had chosen a dark blue velvet.  I was hesitant to quilt it and said I would try.   After the first little bit I could see it was going to look great.  It loved the stitching.   It was pretty yucky to put on the quilt machine and I had a few headaches....but it was worth it.
 A little Red Black and White quilt from Sally ... who doesn't love RB&W quilts?
 I used a red thread on both the front and back ... look at that back ....yummy.
 And a Candlewick quilt which has now winged it's way back to Queensland.    I had carte blanche to quilt this, as long as I used my feathers.   I chose to do each block with the same four feathers, fitting into the candlewick pattern.  I have also stitched around the candlewick to give definition and make it pop.   The lace was also quilted down.

 One very happy owner = one happy quilter!
 Some obligatory cat photos - Jet snoozing on my Thousand Pyramid Quilt that I call the "Red Herring".  I quilted it with an edge to edge pattern of fish with a varigated thread and changed the colour out for three of the fish to make them red - hence "Red Herring".

I know, I know - a bit mad!  Jet likes it though.
And Merlin found another spot to sleep - a Queen sized bed was not big enough for two of them!

This week I have on the quilting machine a lovely stitchery quilt ... I am able to give my undivided attention to ...loving it!

Happy quilting for now .... Jane x

Monday, 9 May 2011

Some Quilting & Mothers Day

 I have been quilting .... this is a customer quilt that I cannot show the whole quilt.   I thought you might like to see the border pattern that I used ... very effective.
 And a little bit of the centre blocks
 Isn't it pretty!

I had to change thread colour a heap of times with this quilt ... sometimes it just works out better that way!
 This quilt was so big that it almost didn't fit on my machine  - well not quite - but it was pretty long.   Isn't it absolutely devine ... love those Reproduction fabrics and this lady does beautifully precise work.

I have stitched in the ditch of all the blocks and around the border.  I have basted the border as my customer wants to hand quilt the border panel.  This will look quite good I think as everything else is only stitched in the ditch - but what a huge job that was!
 I spent Mother's Day binding this quilt for a neighbour who has been ill.   She made the quilt last year but hasn't been able to get the binding done ... I thought it was the least I could do to help her along and let her enjoy her beautiful quilt.  Do you do things like that sometimes?  It gives me a lot of joy to be able to help when it is least exected!

And ... it snowed on Mother's Day.    Beautiful snow, it didn't settle for very long though.

I spent the weekend up in the Central Highlands of Tasmania where the temperatures were between below zero to about 5 degrees Celcius over the weekend.   Temperature guage watching is a fabulous sport - you should try it some time - lol!  My medications were increased and some changed last week after a visit to the specialist ... so a weekend of being lazy was definately called for - I couldn't have done anything more and my Dear Husband James made sure the place was kept warm and comfortable!

 This was the last week of the Trout season ... he took his fly rod for a little walk and came back with dinner.
And this was yesterday ... cutting kindling - for something to do.   I think he likes his shed!

Okay ... this week I am quilting another Candlewick Quilt for a customer up in Queensland ... it is beautiful, on a  very soft creamy background.  The order is for my feathers ... so I am going to have a wonderful week working on this.   I hope you all have a lovely quilty week too!  Jane x

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Island Quilts Tasmania 2011 - Two Firsts!

I know this is not a great photo ... but I didn't get to the Island Quilts 2011 Exhibition this year as I was teaching over in Melbourne at Michelle's Sewing Basket.   

I came home to a wonderful email from Fran Williams advising that we had won with her beautiful quilt "Everything but the kitchen sink"

So details are:

First - Traditional Quilts - Two Person
"Everything but the Kitchen Sink" made by Fran Williams - Quilted by Jane Monk

Another win also was

First - Non-Traditional Quilts - Two Person
"Japanese Heads"  made by Corrie Szopko - Quilted by Jane Monk

I don't have a photo of Corrie's lovely quilt.      I am waiting for the information to be posted on the Tasmanian Quilt Guild web site ... soon hopefully.

There is something special about being entrusted to quilt someones beautiful work, and even better when our combined work is acknowledged by such a win at our State level.  Thankyou to everyone who lets me quilt for them.

Congratulations to everyone who entered a quilt ... not every quilt can win, but they are all special and hold meaning to those who make them. 
Happy Quilting for now ... Jane x