Tuesday, 18 December 2007

My Quilt Bag - Tutorial

This is my bag tutorial - I make bags to give to my customers when they first come to me. They cost me about $2.50 each plus my time (I was lucky enough to get wide calico cheaply - so when it is gone - I'm not sure how much they will cost me - but they are good advertising and a nice gift for my customers)

So here is the tutorial - good luck with making your quilt bags.

Cut a piece of fabric 46 inch long x 26 inch wide (I usually fold in half as per this picture) Also cut a piece 46inch long x 3.5 wide for the handles.

Cut a square piece about 12 x 12 inch for pocket

These are my labels which will go on the pocket - you don't have to do this - perhaps screen print etc.

Stitch the label onto the pocket - just a bit off centre towards the bottom.

Fold double edge and stitch at the top edge of the pocket.

then stitch the pocket to the main piece of fabric

With wrong sides together - stitch a 1/4 inch seam down each long side of the main bag piece.

Do both sides

turn your bag inside out

And iron the seams flat

You will then need to stitch just over a 1/4 inch down each long side of the bag again - this creates a french seam. (no raw edges showing)

While the bag is turned inside out - iron a double edge fold at the top of the bag - stitch this down.

I usually end up with around a 1 inch lip on the top of the bag.

This next bit is a little tricky - at the bottom of the bag - fold each pointed corner out to create a triangle shape - as below. I make sure the seam of the side of the bag is aligned with the middle crease at the bottom of the bag- this will make the bottom of the bag square and sit nice.

Measure about 3 inches in from the corner and stitch right across the corner.

Do this to both sides and your bag should look like this...

Turn the bag right side out and your corners will look like this....

This is looking inside the bag. See how the corner bits fold in. (I have no idea what the technical sewing term for this would be - I just know how to do it.

The outside of your bag should now look like this...

For the handles. iron the long side of the 3.5inch piece of fabric - usually just under an inch fold.

On the opposide side - fold about a 1/4 inch or thereabouts

Fold the side with the small fold over the top of the large fold

Sew down the centre line to secure the two edges.

Fold this long strip in half exactly and cut into two pieces - you now have two handles for your bag.

Okay - blogger put the pictures around the wrong way from here so I will work backwards.

This is what each handle attached to the bag will look like - you need to sew it securely
this is pinning the straps to the inside of the bag - I usually align them so the handles sit just outside the line of the pocket on the front.
You need to fold about 1/4 inch fold onto the front side of the handle strap
The handle strap should be right side facing you in the next two pictures. If you have trouble with the handles of the bag - just have a look at one of the enviro bags or calico bags you may have. this is all I based my bag on - just made it big enough to fit a finished large quilt inside.

This is the finished bag - sideways even!

Monday, 17 December 2007

Last Post for the Year - & more pics

these are pictures I drew over the weekend - I am pretty happy with the fish and the dragon.

I used to draw these type of pictures when I was at school - used to drive my English teacher nuts because I draw/ doodle when I am actually taking things in - helps me retain more. If only she could have understood that! Not all teachers understand that people have different learning requirements or ways. Not to worry - didn't seem to hurt me any.
This is probably my last posting for the year -so I would like to say thank you to everyone who posted their comments on my blog, everyone who has taken time to browse at my pictures, quilts and my general ramblings. Wishing everyone a happy and healthy Christmas and a fantastic New Year - open up the bubbly! Cheers, Jane.

Friday, 14 December 2007

Little Pygmy-Possum

This is 'Cercartetus Lepidus' or Little Pgymy-Possum - it is only found in Tasmania and some parts of Victoria I think. Very cute.

I drew this for an ATC fine art swap - so I really hope the person likes it.

Thursday, 13 December 2007

Monk Art - a little bit more

This is a Tasmanian Rainforest "Earth Star" Puff Ball - fungi (Did this one today) - looks like an eyeball - but when under pressure all the spores come out of the ball opening.

Dragon - I like dragons.

Eye - is the other eye to the coloured one on black card.

Hanging leaves.

"Clem" - this fellow sat for a portrait for an informal group. Pastel is not my best medium - but I like working with it.

Pencil is definately a better medium for me - I have more control over it. I think so anyway.

This is the view from my back verandah - I love the river and mountains.

Ben Lomond - some of the "shacks" up at the resort - with a fairly heavy snow.

Humming bird - not finished yet

Teddy - I was working on getting my coloured pencil technique better - layering is the key.

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Monk Art - The World As I See It!

I have been revisiting my artwork - I love to draw - so I thought I would post some of my pictures that I have done. I realised I haven't drawn much in the past few years - so will have to rectify that!

This one was done today.

These are pictures I did at the beach awhile ago.

I love partially drawn pictures.

This was when I first used pastels - looking at perspective.

Coloured pencil - Derwent Artists pencils.

Still life study

This is a picture of my sister and I in 1967. I love this picture.