Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Happy Easter Holiday

This is a beautiful little quilt that I quilted for Sally at The Quilt Patch (St John Street - Launceston).  The girls at The Quilt Patch have the patterns for sale and if I had a girl I would have had to make it .. I was very tempted!   I have no affiliations and there is no brown paper bags here - lol - it is just that I think it is beautiful and I enjoyed quilting it for Sally.  I don't often get to see the quilts I have quilted finished and bound.
 Look at that centre ... how could you not love it!
 It is by Leanne Beasly "Down in the Garden" ... very very nice!
 Here is another little quilt I have recently done - edge to edge quilting with hearts and four leaf clovers as requested - very cute.
And I had to show you this ... Merlin (the cream coloured cat) and Shadow (my black moggie girl) together alseep on my lap.  Shadow absolutely hates the boys and hisses and spits when they come near her usually, but was not about to give up her place on my lap - she totally ignored Merlin when he came and pushed in ... amazing.  They have been as close as they can get to me for weeks now since we got home ... I don't think they like us leaving them behind.

Okay ... I hope you all have a lovely Easter holiday break ... get lots of quilting done (or not)!  I will be off line until I return from Melbourne where I am doing a number of workshops at Michelle's Sewing Basket - looking forward to that.   I hope everyone enjoys the Tasmanian Quilt Show - I am sad that I will be missing out as it is when I am booked in Melbourne :(
Happy Quilting for now ... see you all soon!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Functional Custom for Stitchery & Applique Quilts

 Most of my customers don't want heavy custom quilting on quilts they have made as gifts for others.  They want the quilts to be soft, drapable and huggable.   Some of these quilts are for children, so I can understand that they don't want the quilt to be heavily quilted like a "show stopper" would be.

Here are two quilts I have recently quilted ... they are functional and pretty without having too much quilting on them.

Next time you make a quilt ... think about how you want to use the quilt and what type of quilting would suit your purposes. 

I hope you enjoy these beautiful quilts ... I know I loved quilting them.

Happy quilting for now ... Jane x