Sunday, 30 March 2008

Blue & White Hexagon Quilt

This is the start of my Blue and White Hexagon Quilt. I have used six fabrics plus the white. The hexagons are 1 inch (that is the length of each edge). I have calculated I need 68 flower blocks and each block is a different combination of fabrics but each of the six fabrics have 11 blocks with that fabric as the outside edge of the flower plus I need another random 2 blocks. Make sense?? I have drawn up a fabric combination listing with each fabric allocated a letter of the alphabet to make it easier for me.

I will use a total of 2168 hexagons and need to make, in addition to the flower blocks, a whopping 742 whole, 4 corner and 130 half hexagons in white fabric - this is so I will end up with a straight edge.

Out of 5 x 42 inches of fabric I will get 38 hexagons - do the math and you get an idea of the cost of this project - so luckily it is a long term one!

Hexagon quilts are so portable and don't take too much brain power to put together.

I don't baste through the card and fabric, just the fabric and do a back stitch in each corner fold - that way I won't have to remove miles of basting thread later on - it will stay in the quilt - and the paper templates just pop out so I can reuse them. I do need to leave the edge ones in though - at least until I have joined them to another hexagon - this keeps it stable while sewing. means I need an awful lot of paper hexagons. Happy Quilting I say!

Friday, 28 March 2008


Thank you to everyone for their comments - unfortunately I deleted them instead of accepting them....brain drain today. But I love the comments, so a big thank you to you all for them.


Thursday, 27 March 2008

Posting for March

It has been a funny sort of month - don't they say "Beware the Ides of March"....oh well.

Here is a quilt I made from two packets of 5 inch charm squares. I am really happy with this quilt and I have quilted it with the pattern "Woodgrain" I first made the quilt and had it hanging for awhile because it wasn't quite right - so I added the half colour blocks and then a 7inch white border - I a really happy with it now - did I already say that!!

This is a close up .... really like the quilting pattern.

And I have to share this beautiful quilt - a hexagon quilt that I have quilted in the ditch around each and every hexagon - whew! I also put a pattern designed by me with my Circle Lord templates - into the flowers. This is a picture of the back - love the effect - it looks so much better close up as the pale green thread really makes a statement on the back but doesn't overpower the front colours.

I was so inspired by this quilt that I got out my own blue and white hexagon quilt that I am making - have now made 15 flower blocks - 10 over easter. But... another long term project I think .... and I still have my Dear Jane quilt going block at a time.

Hope everyone had a lovely easter break. I was very happy to sit by the beachside this Easter - which is our usual destination over this time - even took the cat with us - she quite likes being in the caravan - although it might be that she is pleased to get out of her travel crate and the car!