Thursday, 28 May 2009

Did I Show You This?

Did I show you this - another journal cover, nice fabric and quilted the outlines with gold thread and then beaded the centre of the flowers.

I have photos of what I have been up to but have not yet uploaded them to my computer. Life has been busy lately as amongst other things, I have been busy quilting for the Hobart Quilt Show at the end of June, and I have recently discovered Polymer Clay ... oh my ... what fun that is. Did you know they make quilts out of the clay - mini quilts but they look fabulous.

I have also been playing with ideas from the genre of Steampunk ... now that is quite interesting and I wonder how I can incorporate it into both quilting and polymer clay work. So many ideas ... so little time.

So until I get to upload my pics from my camera - enjoy my journal cover. I have made some more with fabric panels (cats of course) and they look great.

Cheers and happy quilting for now ... Jane

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Down Under Quilts Magazine & More Journal Covers

If you have seen the latest issue of Down Under Quilts - you would have met me - lol! It is very exciting having a profile in this are some pics of the article.

And these two beauties are more of my fabric covered journals ... the black one has been sold.

On the second I have quilted freehand feathers using a thick varigated thread ... the overall effect is great but I think I need to put some beads on it.

I have also started doing some work in Polyclay ... so keep an eye out for my journal covers with this added to them.

Happy Quilting until next time ... Jane

Friday, 15 May 2009

Welcome to my new Web Site

It is very purple ... but I like it. Go and have a browse around - see the photo gallery of some of the quilts I have quilted for others and myself. I also have some quilts for sale and a News and Events tab of things that are happening around. Wherever you see the hand curser, click and it will take you to a bigger view, or a link to a relevant site ... like click on the Tas Quilt Guild logo and it will take you to the Tas Quilt Guild site etc....

Without my customers this would not have been possible or even worthwhile doing ... so a big thank you to all that I have quilted for ... you make everyday heaven at work!

And my big news for this month is that I am featured in the May issue of Down Under Quilts - which is pretty exciting for me.

I was looking at the issue and all of my quilts that are in it and realised all but one of my quilts is geometric in style. Now I really love applique quilts, baltimore's and girly quilts ... so I will have to make a few. Any suggestions??? let me know what you think.

Cheers and happy surfing the web ... Jane

Journal Workshops

Okay this is not a Journal workshop - this is a cat fix ... my two boys are growing so big now - especially Merlin who is about half as wide again as Jet. They are so much fun though.

And last Saturday I completed a Journal workshop at The Quilt Patch in St John St Launceston...It was a wonderful day - seven ladies all took home journal covers mostly completed. There were some great fabrics and ideas. Everyone has different learning styles which I tried to accommodate, hopefully successfully. It was a great day! Thanks to all the ladies and to Fran for the use of such a great venue.

I will be doing more classes soon ... so if you want to be in it, check out the Workshops on my web site at

Happy quilting for now...Jane

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Journal Workshop

This weekend I am teaching my Journal Workshop at The Quilt Patch - St John Street in Launceston ( I am really looking forward to seeing all the creations

.... this Journal you see here is one I made for my workshop at Cranberry Crafts in Ulverstone ( - this is happening soon.

This is the front view - but it is on it's side - lol!

Last night I took the final lot of Vic Bush Fire Quilts back to Unique Stitchers ... I am just amazed at how giving quilters can be. And it is such a good cause if you have been reading Christina's blog ...

And I am missing the beach today - I would dearly love to go out to the beach for a few days ...but alas ... work beckons!

So Happy Quilting for now .... Cheers Jane

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Launceston Patchwork & Quilters Raffle Quilt

I forgot about Blogger doing it backwards for pictures. So this is the back view of the LPQ raffle quilt. I custom quilted it so there was simple quilting in the centre but the houses looked like they were made from brick or wood and the background was like swirly air, with smoke from the chimneys.

The girls from LPQ were pretty happy with it - now the binding is to be done and tickets will soon be available.

Everyone wants to win this quilt - it is beautiful. The piecing is precise and the colour scheme looks great. I will have to buy a few tickets myself. I think the draw is during the September Launceston Patchwork & Quilting Exhibition - I can't wait.

And I have finally finished the Vic Fire Refief quilts for Unique Stitches - hopefully I can deliver them tonight for the ladies to bind. The great thing is that there have been mammoth efforts all over Australia by individuals and groups all making quilts to comfort. How wonderful is that.
Happy Quilting for now ... Jane