Friday, 28 September 2007

Playing around with Pantos

This is a beautiful pattern from Hermione Agee -0f Lorien Quilting. I decided to make a "wholecloth" with it on some nice pale green batik cloth I had. Hermione's winning quilt where she has coloured in butterflies has inspired me to make a few of these quilts.

This is after binding and washing - and being folded up - I haven't ironed it yet because I want to do some colouring first.

The picture is sideways because the quilt was too big to fit into my lense the right way up and I haven't turned it in my pictures - just turn your head to the left - lol :}

Here is a close up of the quilting ....

And the back - some lovely sunflower fabric

This is my Butterfly quilt - I used a soft pink Batik fabric.

But then went pychedelic with the backing fabric - being born in 1966 must have left some mark on me because I love this fabric and anything that resembles paisley.

Dear Jane Blocks and Siggie Swap Quilt Corners

This weeks Block of the Week Challenge (from the Dear Jane yahoo group) - I actually did it. Only took me an hour and a bit. My star looks a bit wonky on the right hand side though and my applique curves are not the best - but finished is better than perfect!!! I'm not sure how I feel about this statement though!

This is my third Dear Jane block - machine pieced. I am very happy with it. I also swapped a couple of these blocks with other ladies - one in WAus (Susan who's piecing is to die for) and another in the USA.

And this is another corner kite finished for my Dear Jane Siggie Swap quilt. This one was a tricky little thing - lots of set in corners....and those little squares in the centre - but I got them done and am happy with the result.

Only one more corner to go and I can put the borders on my Dear Jane Siggie Swap quilt.

Sunday, 9 September 2007

Dear Jane Siggie Swap Quilt

I had a pretty horrible week last week and couldn't quilt anything - so I decided to sew up my borders for my Dear Jane Siggie 2007 Swap Quilt -

I have chosen quilters muslin and a lovely blue fabric to make the triangles and am making the corner kites as in the Dear Jane Quilt. Wow - these are tricky little suckers. I have machine pieced one and appliqued the other.

I have now got two more to make....freezer paper is my friend!LOL! I will post more pictures when I have finished the top.

Huge Machine Wholecloth

This is the quilt I made for my Mum and Dad. Mum wanted a quilted cover to put over the bed so it looked nice - I had the fabric - so got to it. The pattern is the same as my other white wholecloth quilt (Luscious by Hermione Agee). I have put double lines along where the quilt hangs off the bed and then I have put vertical lines spaced about 1cm apart on all the panels that hang off the bed. I put a line of vine leaves in the end panel. I really enjoyed making this quilt and it took me a huge three day effort (including binding). I washed the quilt after I had quilted it - and was amazed at how much it shrunk - never mind - Mum now has a lovely quilt that covers the whole bed to the floor. (I really loved making this quilt)

Not too sure about the end corners though - I still might cut them off .

It is also reversible - here is the back (blue) before I bound it.

And here is the front - you can't really see the pattern very well.