Saturday, 27 November 2010

Workshop & Zentangle for Quilters Workshop

 This week for a couple of days I was in Ulverstone doing a workshop at Cranberry Crafts.  Lynne had arranged for Robyn Alexander of Colour STreams to come and do a two day workshop.   I booked this early this year and had no idea what I would be doing.

I must say I am really happy that I did do this workshop ... I learnt how to do nuno felting which I had never done before and expand on dry felting ... it was a lot of fun.     The kit I chose was a little bag in Olive tones.  This is the kit with absolutely everything that I would need, more than enough to complete the project.
 This is my finished bag ... I am very happy with it...don't know if I will be walking down the street with it (although I might).  I have learnt some very good techniques that I can expand on and use in my own way.   If you get a chance to do a workshop with Robyn Alexander - DO IT - you won't regret it.  She is very supportive and a very easy teacher to learn from.  Thanks Robyn and thanks Lynne for bringing her down here.  She is back next year I think!
Now onto the other workshops ... If you want to learn how to do this .... I am having a workshop at Esmes on the 4 December .... you will need to contact Lillian at Esmes (click on the link to get to her store) to make a booking (and I am not sure how many - if any - spaces are left ... give her a call.

I will also be doing this workshop "Zentangle for Quilters" at Cranberry Crafts in January 2011  and Michelle's Sewing Basket in April 2011.

For now it's back to the quilting for me ... Hugs Jane x

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

I'm Still Here!

 I can't believe it has nearly been a month since I posted ... I am here and I have been working.  Although I did sprain my Extensor ligament - at least that's what I think you call it - my wright arm elbow to wrist - very sore.   Slowly getting back to it though.

I can't show you the whole of these quilts but I thought you might like to see the border I did ... it is a Zentangle pattern and you can see more of those over on my other blog 

 This border is really neat ... takes a long time to do ...; but is neat.

 On the back
 Front again.... this time I have arranged the patterns so they create little fans.
 A nice Edge to Edge pattern on a beautiful purple quilt ... somthing about purple!
 I just love this backing - from Widebacks ... they have a really bright yellow as well which I love ... other colours too.

Did I mention that I have all the swatches for the Wideback fabrics you can see them before I order them for you.
 This little guy was walking around our back yard last week ... we think he lives in our very big woodpile.   Wasn't too shy and let me get really close to take a photo ... very cute.
 Had enough of the camera and was on a mission to get home.
What do you think about this "border" pattern ... I made it up myself ... it is a cross between a leaf and a butterfly ... I do like it and will probably use it again.

Okay that is about it .. sorry I haven't posted for so long.  I have the Christmas quilting rush at the moment so will be away from the computer a bit ... but I'll try to keep you posted on what I'm doing.

Happy quilting for now ... Jane x